Saturday, August 25, 2007

Holocaust caused by Darwin? Not even close.

While we do not deny that evolutionary theory was a factor in Nazi ideology, it is a mistake to see it as the main or only factor, given the long history of Christian anti-Judaism. Christian anti-Judaism has a continuous history from its earliest days (see John 8:44), and so it is absurd to say that Darwinism was even necessary or sufficient to explain the Holocaust.[10] The Holocaust was simply the latest and most violent spasm of repeated Christian anti-Judaism.

Excerpted from the article Creationists for Genocide by Hector Avalos.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Unlightenment

Welcome to a dangerous new era - the Unlightenment - in which centuries of rational thought are overturned by idiots. Superstitious idiots. They're everywhere - reading horoscopes, buying homeopathic remedies, consulting psychics, babbling about "chakras" and "healing energies", praying to imaginary gods, and rejecting science in favour of soft-headed bunkum. But instead of slapping these people round the face till they behave like adults, we encourage them. We've got to respect their beliefs, apparently.

Read more at Charlie Brooker's screen burn

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Evolution of Denial

I think this is spot on.

Non Sequitur strip of August 11, 2007

(click for full size version)

See more of Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller.

Update: The original comic is no longer in the archive, sorry.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

An Open Letter to Governor Perry

Dear Governor Rick Perry,

As a long-time resident of Texas, I am appalled by your appointment of Mr. McLeroy as the Chairman of the State Board of Education.

I was hoping that Texas would be able to avoid the embarrasment that states like Kansas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have endured at the hands of the Discovery Institute and the Intelligent Design Creationism movement, but your appointment has almost certainly placed us in that camp.

How much are you willing to sacrifice the future of our children, our economy, and our self-respect to take us back into the dark ages of pseudo science? That is surely where Mr. McLeroy wants to take us.

Please, replace Mr. McLeroy with someone more moderate. Do it for our children. Do it out of respect for Texas. Do it before we are all tainted by the fiasco of another Dover-like trial.

Above all, please do it now, before it's too late.