Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don McLeroy, Master of Deceit

This is incredible breaking news.

First, on Wednesday, May 21st, Texas State Board of Education (SBoE) member Mary Helen Berlanga called on Gov. Perry to replace Don McLeroy as Chairman of the SBoE, saying that he has "created havoc" and calling him the "Master of Deceit."

And then, on Friday, May 23rd, McLeroy pulled this stunt.

What outrageous insolence. If he can pull this off for the English standards, there's no telling what he will do to the science standards which are in the works. McLeroy is a well-known ID proponent.

Get the word out. Don McLeroy is out of control.

Texas residents should write/call/email the governor and their representatives. They should express their outrage and demand that McLeroy be replaced as Chairman (Governor Rick Perry appointed McLeroy last year). Governor Perry's page is here: and Texas residents can find their representative's contact info here:

For more on the Religious Right's influence on the SBoE, see the Texas Freedom Network's report "The State Board of Education: Dragging Texas Schools into the Culture Wars."


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