Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Fitting Top Ten List for the Creationist Museum

Lawrence Krauss has created a nice list of ten scientifically sound reasons why everything is not just 6000 years old as Ken Ham and the Answers In Genesis folks would have you believe. You may already be familiar with this information, but it's nice to review in case you haven't been keeping up with recent developments.

Here's the Top Ten Countdown List:

10. The Universe: the Big Bang Really Happened
9. Stars and Galaxies
8. Radioactivity
7. Supernova 1987a
6. The Sun Shines
5. Continental Drift
4. Rock Strata, Ice Cores, and All That
3. Fossils
2. Evolution
1. The Documentary Record

You'll find Lawrence Krauss' list with all the details here.


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