Thursday, September 27, 2007

ED = { CS, ID, ... }

Since Dover it has been obvious that the creationists would morph their attacks on Evolution once again. We've seen Creation Science (CS) turn into Intelligent Design (ID) and now speculation is on what the next instantiation will be called. CS, ID, and whatever the next one will be called fall into the category of Evolution Denial (ED).

Thanks to folks like those at the Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington, the evolution deniers are being supplied with more and more material to bolster their "teach the controversy" propaganda campaign. The upcoming film Expelled will yet again try to put some lipstick on the ID pig and portray some fifth column scientists as victims of scientific oppression, thus fanning the "controversy" flames where there is no controversy.

Unfortunately, as long as there are those who persist in taking ancient texts as equivalent or superior to modern knowledge, we will be pestered by these deniers, as has been the case each time science has shown them to be wrong.

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