Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Don Mcleroy - Liar?

At the November meeting of the SBOE, Don Mcleroy stated
I don’t think you’ll find a single Board member that has ever advocated — in fact I don’t know of a single Board member that has ever advocated — teaching creationism, teaching intelligent design, or teaching supernatural explanations in the science classroom. (Audio here.)
The Texas Freedom Network (TFN) subsequently revealed that many of the board members had indeed advocated these positions via their responses to Free Market Foundation (FMF) questionnaires and voter guides. The FMF has clarified that the definitions shown on the voter guides accurately reflect the questions used in their candidate questionnaires.

When questioned about this, McLeroy said "... I have never stated that I want to teach Creationism or Intelligent Design nor do I want to." in this response to the blogger who pointed out the discrepancy to him.

So, in Dr. McLeroy's opinion, indicating that he "strongly favors it" to the FMF for publication in a voter guide is not a public statement. I wonder what a judge would say.

Don McLeroy is a Master of Deceit, if not outright liar.

Texas deserves better.

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